During the initial evaluation, information regarding developmental, medical, and academic history should be provided to the assessing Speech Language Pathologist in order to provide more accurate results. For this reason, extra time is spent during our evaluations to ensure that all details are collected so that an effective therapeutic plan can be formulated. At Lucid Speech & Language Clinic Inc., parents are considered to be key in true ongoing growth of a child’s speech and language skills into the home setting. We look forward to assisting your family through this process.


Parent participation is considered an integral part of services provided to our pediatric clients. This is especially true for clients under the age of 3 years of age. Older children’s parents will be instructed in how to encourage carryover of skills demonstrated during therapeutic intervention. This will be done via a "home program" which will be defined by your therapist.

The following forms need to be downloaded and printed prior to your initial evaluation. Be advised that most documents are password protected. You will be provided with the password once you schedule your initial evaluation. It is suggested that you complete all forms prior to arriving for your appointment as they can be time consuming. Also be sure to bring your child’s current medical card with you.


New Patient Downloads

Lucid Speech & Language Clinic Inc. bills medical insurance as a service to our clients. We ask that you realize that you are ultimately responsible for payment of services rendered regardless of payment from the insurance company. If speech and language therapy services are denied coverage by your insurance company, we will do our best to assist you through the appeal process. If you are coming to our clinic based on the recommendation of a contracted agency who will be paying for your services, you will not need to be concerned with your child's insurance coverage